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Mail Order Bride

Nobody likes to be made a fool of, especially no the mafia. So, when it comes to light that a number of men from The Mob in New York have fallen for a Russian mail-order bride, who has blatantly ripped each of them off, their boss is not impressed. In fact, Tony Santini thinks the only way to prove that you shouldn't mess with the mob is to send his nephew to Russia to bring back the beautiful but manipulative Nina (Ivana Milicevic).

But when Tony's nephew Anthony arrives in Moscow, he gets distracted by the very alluring 'Butterfly' and quickly falls for her. Little does he know, but 'Butterfly' is actually Nina and it doesn't take long for her to use him as a pawn in one of her money making scams.

Now poor Anthony not only has his Uncle Tony to answer to, but the KGB and the FBI. Will he make it back to New York unscathed

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